Friday, July 15, 2011

Library Bag

I'm a tote-aholic. I love totes. So, when my daughter said, "Mom, do we have a bag for our library books?" I started scheming a trip to Michaels right then. Here's what we came up with....

A little library action. At least I spelled libRaRy right. I mean correctly, for you grammar junkies.

These are our little puffy paints that we used. Funny story: later this same night my son had a sleepover, and he, his sister, and his friend proceeded to empty these onto thin computer paper, then take their "creations" to his room to "dry" on the floor of his "closet", where the paper "accidentally" got turned upside down, when Jack claims he put the paper "up side up"(direct quote when trouble ensued). Paint got on the "carpet", and he got into "trouble". Not that funny that now this puffy paint is a permanent fixture on his closet floor, so he will never "forget" what happened.

Anyway....just a little free-hand action. I don't pencil it in or measure. That takes all sense of creativity and risk out of these things for me. Sorry. You can measure and pencil if you "need" to.

Its going fine...see?

All done. We were going to do the other side, but per the story above, we "ran out" of puffy paints. So sad.


Rosie said...
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Rosie said...

Hi Lauren, thanks so much for your insights today. I definitely want to hire you for a professional consultation! We are very excited at the prospect of having you help us increase our livability in our limited space. Thanks, Rosie