Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pinterest much?

Brace yourself for a whole new social media outlet. Pinterest. Get it? You PIN what you're INTERESTED in.

Its sort of how we used to circle the things in the Sears catalog that you wanted for Christmas, but this is just stuff out in the blogosphere that you "pin" that you like....

These are a few examples of things I've "pinned" for the home. You can follow me or any other "pinner", but you have to apply to be accepted to Pinterest (which is the part I find comical....really? Apply? It just makes it feel more exclusive, so just go with it....).

A few other ideas I've been pinning are:

Trying to get my friend Kelly, from Grams Buttons, to make this for me...

Gotta use this lighting idea somewhere....anyone? anyone? Bueller? Its cool. Just you wait. Birdsnest pendants will be all the rage in 2013!

How cute are these? My kids would really get a kick out of these felt rock!

So...come on over and follow me on Pinterest. Its a fun new way to get those creative ideas brewing!!

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