Monday, July 11, 2011

Spray Paint-a-palooza

I have these chairs, from an old(er) Cost Plus patio table set, that no one wanted to buy (in December) before we moved, so, here we are....

Kinda older and ratty lookin'

This shows the corners a little better, where the finish is coming one wants to sit on them. Sad.


Got some trusty old ORB (Oil Rubbed Bronze) spray paint, from Krylon, for indoor/outdoor.

And Peyton and I went to town. Here's the first one drying, and then...

We had to go back for my paint, but other than that, they turned out great. The people that buy this set, next spring, when I get this:

(Crate and Barrel)
Bahahahah! Yeah, right. That's a lot of pennies to save, but something along these lines, ok?!

Everyone here for the fourth really appreciated the newly painted chairs. They weren't going to stay unless I painted them...they had had enough of those ratty ol' chairs. I'm joking. I made ribs and garlic au gratin potatoes. Those people weren't going anywhere.

Go spray paint something!

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