Saturday, July 9, 2011

Are you going on a "hot" vacation, too?

We are.
We're headed to NYC and DC later this summer, and this "Great White North" mommy is a little worried. So, I got these:

Aren't they!?!

They're from one of my fave sites, Sarah + Abraham

Let's hope my "fantasy" (aka what my husband calls my sometimes-ill conceived ideas, that don't always turn out exactly the way I envisioned) of the kids carrying around fresh cold water, drinking to their hearts content, the entire trip, comes true. Probably what will happen is that they take them to the pool next week, and two out of the three kids lose a lid, and the other one gets moldy before we even  leave for the trip.

I'm a realist. They're cute nonetheless. The kids are cute, too.

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