Wednesday, August 10, 2011

East Coast Highlights

Just spent almost two weeks touring the east coast (New York and Washington DC) with the fam. It was relatively exhausting with 3 kids under 10, just due to the people, traffic, eating out, heat/humidity, etc. But, it was fun to see our kids see so many new things.

We went to see my Mother in Law, in NYC, and they took us on a sailing tour around to see the Statue of Liberty. This is the original Ellis Island "station"(?) where people came, when first coming to the US.

Statue of all her glory

Beautiful NY was a grayish, hazy day.

This is the view from my cousin's condo on 42nd St, 58 floors! A lot different than how we live, but interesting to visit.

We took a driving tour (w/ my uncle and dad) of Wash DC at night. All the monuments lit up at night is great, but hard to get good pics from a moving car....Jefferson Mem w/ the Wash Monument in the background

We went to my grandparents (now Uncle's) 100 acre farm in rural Virginia. It is a really special spot that I have many childhood memories of. I really was excited to show it to my husband and kids.

My grandpa used to push us around in the wheelbarrow for Uncle Gavin can do it. Do we look hot?

This is a pic of my grandfather's dog tag from WWII. So cool!

Original Smithsonian...

Good ol' Abe.....

Washington Monument.....

Day 11 of a 12 day trip, and this is how mommy feels.....can I get an amen?! I mean, I'm not even wearing makeup anymore...I've just given up.

Even the cousin's are consoling each other....

We did the Air and Space Museum because Peyton wanted to see Amelia know, from Night at the Museum 2!

So, we're back from our "working vacation", but we had fun as a family, and feel blessed that we could visit so many places most people only read about!

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Orange it Lovely said...

LOVE the pics!! How much fun going to 2 different extremes on vacation!