Friday, August 12, 2011

Kids Room Inspiration: Boy version

I've had this compulsion to not let Pottery Barn dictate what my kids' rooms look like. How 'bout you?
So, what's a girl to do to:
1. Figure out something cute.
2. Use said cute thing, and still be able to buy products out in stores
3. Do this on a budget

Well, I have two cute ideas that were I doing another girls room and another boys room, would consider making the front runner in my design planning.

The first is inspired by the book The Diggingest Dog  by Al Perkins

As you can see, it utilizes great primary colors, and could be used with fantastic dark wood furniture, etc. Here are a few accompanying decor things I would throw with this....

Fabric (lewis & sheron):

Art (

Furniture (Pier 1):

Cute, huh?!
Check in soon for the girl version....
What are you using for inspiration?

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