Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fall Into Fall

Its happening and I can't control myself.....

My birthday was officially over a week ago, so it must be pretty much time to start thinking about my favorite season: Fall!!!

Here are few things happening around here:

The hubs (aka Big Dog) brought this beautiful planted pot home for my bday! Love it. And, yes, in fact my almost 10 year old daughter DID tell him which one to buy, but that's beside the point...keepin' it real, people. 

Bought this for myself (justified by my bday, again...), and it smells amazing. Don't care that its August...just have to start loving on fall!

Home today with tons of playdate kids over, so I made this Rachael Ray Pumpkin Chiffon cake, from this month's magazine....its pretty good. I always think that I can modifiy recipes I'm baking. Yes, to cooking modifications. No, to baking modifications. I won't show you don't have a picture of the finished product. ahem, moving on....

What's "falling" (couldn't resist) around your house this week?!

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