Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kitchen Currrrrrrrrtttttaaaaiiiinnnnns! (Insert Oprah voice)

Oh my goodness! Can't wait to show you.
While on vacation, I sent off this fabric:

I have loved it since the day I first saw it (6 months ago), but couldn't get my act together to get the measurements done, etc. So, to add to an already long "to do" list for vacation, I had to get this fabric to Sue (the seamstress)....

Here's how they turned out:

one over the sink, inside mount...sorry for the dark pic...shooting into light=not a great pic...

two over the eat-in space. These are "faux" roman shades, in that they are meant to look like Roman shades, but be non-functional.

Here's how we (aka big dog) affixes them: staple to a 1x2 board, then just screw it to the top edge of the window casing. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!

Love them! Don't put off projects around your house, like I did...especially when the fabric has been sitting in your closet for 4 months!

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