Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall Pots

Yes, remember last week when I was droning on about fall, when the sun just starting shining in Seattle...well, I'm sorry (sort of). Here I am again, talking about fall, but school starts tomorrow, so I think we're all ready. (Deep breath in....) My baby starts kindergarten tomorrow (more on that in a later post), and I'm feeling the guilty pleasure of having some brain space to finish a complete thought without being asked for a cheesestick. Ahhh.....listen to it. Crickets.

Here we go. One last summer spray painting project....I've wanted to spray paint all my pots to "unify" them, and to give a little more "pop" of color besides just the flowers.

These are my "summer pots".....yow-zee! Not good. I've just given up, you know?! Stopped watering, and let them go....to pot. Ha!

The froggy watering can is even sitting there like, "Me me!"
Something had to be done.

Cleaned out the pots, and generally "fluffed" the dirt.

Prepped to spray paint by NOT removing the dirt. That's how I roll. I mean, why? I built this little wood structure to get the pots off the grass, so the paint could reach the bottom. I do have standards! And, I did give a little brush-off before painting. Again, standards!

This is the fave Krylon paint that I've been using. I got the special kind "fusion" that will cover plastic. Watch for that...

Drying time.

My little secret, that I hope will actually work: planting spring bulbs BENEATH my fall flowers. Anyone tried this? I plan to pull all those nasty mums out around December, fluff the dirt more, and then pray against pray that the bulbs show up in April. A girl can try. I planted daffodils and tulips ( in different pots) deeper, then put dirt on, then planted the mums/other fall flowers.

I just bought an assortment that suited the new green color of the pots. The pot to the left is "gourmet" lettuce.

Finished product on the back patio.

Second grouping to the right of above. The rectangular pot is broccoli. Hopefully growing our own will help the kids eat it!

How does your garden grow this (almost) fall?!!?

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