Sunday, August 28, 2011

In Between

I love sharing all my design-y, mother-y stuff with all of you, but honestly, I find myself at an "in between" time, in my life. I love having this blog to share all my random thoughts, whether it be my struggles during my in between or my messy kitchen sink. You all may know my love for this blog Chatting At the Sky

She had this amazing post a few weeks ago, and I thought I'd share it to explain my "in between-ness":

Art does that. Sometimes it follows after you so hard and so loud that you look around to see how everyone else is reacting to this most obvious explosion of creativity happening right here in this room. It is bright and tangible and full. But other times, it speaks of future, not yet things to come. It whispers for us to prepare so that it isn’t so surprising when the story shows up one day, demanding you to tell it or to live it, ready or not. The Spirit of the living, loving God speaks into our lives and offers us shadows of things to come, blurry and unclear. But no less real. And so when you hear the whispers, One day, there will be fiction. Children. Teaching. Speaking. Love. Writing … don’t ignore them. It doesn’t mean that things will turn out exactly as you think. They won’t. But I do believe God fully provides for us in the present while at the same time, faintly hints about the future. And sometimes, as He moves in us and around us in the moments of our day, He nudges us in whispers and desire towards something He has for us later.

God is nudging me toward something that, as I sit here today, I know I am fully unable to do on my own. However, as Emily says, "God fully provides for us in the present, while at the same time, faintly hinting about the future". I know this to be true in my own life. It is exciting, and for this eternal impatient one, it is maddening to not fully know how long this "in between-ness" will last. What is it that I'm being equipped to do? I feel I have vague hints at it, but I'm too excited about it to even propose a guess to the One Most High. I will be patient.

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