Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hook Tags

Good Morning!!

I've been in a decorating/blogging funk lately. Well, honestly since we got home from vacation. But! I'm back with a very minor, but very wonderful little nod in the "organizing my house" direction.

I've been on fire reading organizing blogs lately, and I'm speaking on "blogging/blogs" at the beginning of October, so I've been getting ready for that. I digress.....getting organized....

We have the typical backpack-dropped-on-the-floor-trip-over-them issue that I'm sure lots of you have. So, I decided to utilize the space behind the door leading from our garage to our mudroom. "Ooooh, a mudroom. She must have TONS of drop zone space!" Uh, no. You would think, but since our dog crates take up 60% of the mudroom, and there are no large solid walls, we are woefully short on "drop zone" space. Here's my solution for backpacks.

Yes. Those are Command hooks. I know, I know. 3-5lb max. Will they last til Halloween? I don't know, but I'm choosing to think positive. Stay tuned....

I found these totally adorable "tags" made out of thin MDF type material, at Ben Franklin on Sunday. My BFF was leading me astray (I am supposed to be "holding it down to a dull roar" in the spending dept), and she took me there against my will while the husbands were watching football. I only spent $6 on the tags, and the cute raffia type ribbon.

You all know my love for all things free-hand, so I just drew w/ pencil, my kids' initials on the tags.

Then, with my handy dandy black paint pen, traced over what I'd free handed. Easy!

Again, in the spirit of freehanding, I just eyeballed the height of the tags over the hooks, and the tying of the ribbon. Its all very free-formed over here!

Perfect! Just in case Jack forgets his birth order, or forgets that he has the only blue-non-girl backpack, this solves all those crazy problems. Yes, I'm being sarcastic, in case you can't tell. You haven't been reading this blog very long. xoxo

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