Monday, September 19, 2011

A Layered Centerpiece

Ok, here's the BIG IDEA upfront. Layer your centerpieces. It just adds interest.

I have had this bird paper lying around for years, and was going to line a drawer with it, but then I sort of thought it could be cool on the table, in lieu of a cloth napkin or runner.

These hydrangeas were just going to waste in my yard, and I've spent years judging people to have beautiful flowers in their yard, and don't pick/cut them to bring in their house. Now, I'm one of those people! Shame.

I like to layer and layer and layer. This is a gold charger, typically used at Christmas-time, but why not use it now?

Add texture with this basket.

Its a cool effect, unexpected, and the flowers will last for a few weeks, if the vase is kept watered. I could've brought in blue, purple, and green flowers, but I like the monochromatic effect, too.

What are you doing to think outside the box, this week?!

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The Doodler said...

I found your blog through Pinterest and loved looking through your home tour back in Feb. And then I just had to read through lots of your other posts. I'm loving the blog and your ideas! I'm a new follower as well, can't wait to discover more.

Brie from