Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ahhhh! She's craaaa-zay!

Full disclosure: My husband's gone until Sunday. So, I've decided to do some naughty things.

1. Redesign my blog.
2. Let my dogs sleep in our my room.

He's at our church's Men's Retreat, I'm sure, being totally energized to come home and deal with the above naughtiness, but here's where we are.

I hope you like the fresher, newer, brighter look here at Haven. I know its fall/winter here in the great white north, and the look should be dreary and glum, but I resist the tide, and went bright! Have a fab weekend full of tom-foolery, like me!

Oooh! Also, I was featured today on one of my favorite blogs. Check it out here!

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