Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall: Rosie-Style

Let's all welcome Rosie. She is my 2nd or 3rd mother...I've lost track. She follows this blog faithfully (most important fact) and is my BFF's mom (second most important fact).

She attended my blogging class on Saturday, and discovered some new things, but prior to that, she sent me pics of her gorgeous house decked out for fall, that I'd like to share:

Rosie, luckliy, was able to nab a batch of those flameless candles from Costco that I referenced, here, and she snazzed them up with this great fall ribbon.

I think she normally has floating candles in these hurricanes, but they are lovely-awesome with these fall orange candles and some garland/wreath around.

Just so you all know, Rosie and her super husband, Galen, live right on Lake Sammamish. Its a beautiful lake here in the Seattle area, and even when its raining its so she doesn't need a lot of snazzing!

Rosie is also a pot expert. No, not that kind of pot. (Cracking myself up...its late)....
 Flowerpots. She always has stunning pots all summer, and now has these festive fall mums, along with some friends.

Feel free to send me what you're doing...I'd love to see it!
xoxo, Rosie!

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