Monday, October 10, 2011

Marcie and a Houzz Ideabook: Boys

This is a weird title. Explain.

Marcie, my great friend, has 3 boys. They all do every sport known to man. Every season. This comes with an abundance of "gear". Otherwise known as "crap all over the floor so someone trips and kills themselves".
She has found a way to wrangle it all, and that is her own LOCKER ROOM (this is not her locker room--pics coming soon!)

Get out! (Insert Elaine shoving a Seinfeld cast member)

Yes. Locker Room. Apparently, other people have done this, and I'm hooking you up with some peeks at this "sports-stuff wrangling" method, right here. Check out this Houzz ideabook, and watch for more on Marcie and her Locker Room!!

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