Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Dad

Today is my dad's 65th (shhhh!) Birthday. He's awesome. This picture was taken outside my parent's house, right before we left for the church to go to my brother's wedding in December of 2003. So, it was a while ago. I just like this picture. This is how my dad is emblazoned in my brain. He has a cool buzzed haircut now, but this is what he looked like the whole time I was living at home.

My dad is gentle, quiet, but loud when necessary. He is kind, loving, and still tells me how nice I look when I come downstairs, ready for church. I've been told I'm like my dad, and as I age, I can see ways that I am like him; however the things I just mentioned (gentle, kind, and loving) are all traits that I'm working on perfecting in myself. My dad has been/is a picture of my Heavenly Father for me...gentle, kind, and loud when necessary.

I hope you have a wonderfully wonderful birthday, Dad! I love you!!

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