Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hi, my name is Lauren and I'm a Pinterest-addict.

There. I did the first step to coming out of denial.
Oh my goodness, the hold Pinterest has on my brain is insane. I love it. I have made literally recipe after recipe. Wanted to make craft after craft. It will wear off soon...just like Facebook did.
But. Now, I'm onto crafting. And, I'm not even a crafty person. I'm a "design person"--do you sense the loftiness with which I type this? Yes, well, I've seen the crafting light.

Here's my latest crafting project. Easy-peasy. Accomplished WHILE doing dishes. Yes. You read that right. You might as well scream "Squirrel" if you have a glue gun, and I would come running.

So, I'd seen this on Pinterest:

I thought is was so cute, unexpected and fun....

This is what I had. Nothing wrong with this, and usually I subscribed to the "if its not broke, don't fix it", but this is an exception...don't ask me why. Pinterest has a hold on my brain cells.

Went scrounging around the house (yes, while doing dishes...see them in the background?) for supplies for this project...

I considered this plate as an option briefly, but then changed my mind....with what brain cells I had left.

Settled on this. It looked good, and fit in the spot where I needed it.

Peyton wanted to do the photography, so here I am glueing away...

Finished product. FULL DISCLOSURE: this is right after I glued, and right before it started sliding down, and I had to rip it apart and reglue, wait, and then reset it all. This is my impatience starting to rear its ugly head.

Take two, and added the cute fall towel. Side note: Anyone else miss the April Cornell store at Bell Square? Wow, me too!

What can you do to demonstrate your inability to stay on task multitasking, today??!? Squirrel!

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