Saturday, October 15, 2011


"The only part of God we understand is the part we've obeyed". Oswald Chambers

You know when you know something is true, but you don't know why? This statement is true. It makes me feel nauseous, so that's how I know its true. Not a scientific method, albeit, but usually pretty good gauge for me.

I'm chewing on this, among other things. We all know that God is infinite and that there's no way to  know Him fully, as we are human and He is divine. However, what are the pieces of God that I do know, like Oprah's "Things I Know For Sure" segment in her magazine....the pieces of God I know for sure are:

1. He's bigger than I think He is.
2. I'm smaller than I think I am.
3. I'm more blessed than I think I am.
4. I was saved from more than I thought I needed.
5. His love for me far exceeds what I ever deserved.
6. He wants to shape and guide me, and leaning into that will be more beneficial than I can imagine.
7. Knowing more of Him is only possible if I truly understand the gospel...He came to save and redeem this world. He has already won. We are in a place of victory, not fighting for it.
8. Loving others more than I feel like I can do in my own strength, is a true representation of the gospel.
9. I'm happiest and the most grateful when I'm giving of myself to others.
10. My focus everyday is to find where God's grace is showing up: to myself and others, and pointing this out to my children, in order to perpetuate a new generation that sees God's grace.

Just thought I could start a conversation about obedience, and why its easier said than done....that's all. :)


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Shan said...

Amen to this eloquently written piece. :D I especially like number 8.