Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Update on a Post: "Boo" invitations

You all may remember this post, from awhile ago, but I just thought I'd let you know how my Neighborhood party went!

Well, do you think I took pictures? No. Hmm....sorry. Just put your imagination to good use. We had about 11 people, which is neither better or worse than I thought it would be. I planned for 20 just in case, and so we didn't have to turn anyone away. I made my world famous Red Wine Sangria (see below for recipe), as the "signature" party drink. People mostly brought appetizers, but there were a few sweets. Lastly, I made/bought table snacks to eat while people played Bunco. NONE of the neighbors had ever played Bunco before! Can you believe it? I know, me neither. Cra-zzay! Its such a great, mindless, non-competitive game, to play while you're chatting/eating/drinking.

All the neighbors were very appreciative. I felt more connected to the 'hood, and I think we will be able to feel more at home going forward. Totally worth the "risk" of inviting complete strangers into my house, as now we're neighbors and friends vs complete strangers. I think I will make this an annual thing! Can't wait for next year!


Red Wine Sangria (large recipe)

2 bottles red wine (I use Malbec)
2 bottles of the POM Pomegranente juice
1-ish cups of Triple Sec
1-2 c of orange juice
1 whole orange, sliced.

Let these ingredients chill in the fridge for at least an hour. Right before serving, add a bottle of Ginger Ale. You can add this totally into the pitcher, or if you're pouring glass by glass, then just pour about half sangria mix, over ice, and the other half ginger ale. De-lish! Garnish with fruit: oranges, cherries, lime. 

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