Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Let the Games Begin....

....I'm just beginning to Christmas shop, look at ideas for homemade gifts, and accomplish "all-things-Christmas". Don't hate. I'm a planner, and I really love Christmas. I also really want to enjoy the season with my family, so doing all the work in November is how I roll. Just to get the idea train started, I thought I'd throw out a cute idea I'm going to do as a homemade gift:

This is a "Family Ice cream Sundae Kit"...the label will say, "Just add ice cream". How cute is that?
What is happening either in your house or in your brain (that counts, too!) on the whole Christmas prep front?
Are you a early shopper/planner or a procrastinator?
I love hearing how people think about and give gifts. Giving a thoughtful gift is a completely lost art....fill me in on all your great ideas!

Ho, ho, ho!

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Erin said...

I've saved a few communion cups and hope to have my oldest help me make some angels out of them as teacher gifts. Mrs. Heinbuch from FBC used to have a little art class for me and my sisters out of her home WAY back in the day and she and I made a communion cup angel together and my mom still hangs it on her tree to this day. Maybe we'll start working on that tomorrow.
LOVE your gift idea! SO cute and creative. Who wouldn't want a gift like that?