Monday, November 7, 2011

Memento Wall Wrangling

You know how you are given or collect completely random stuff, and its not like "mantel worthy", but you want to keep it, and see it frequently? Well, I have used my laundry room as a place to collect/collage all these random things, and they seem to make a nice wall-scape. Here they all are in my pre-painted laundry room:

{Side note: please ignore all the disgusting laundry all over the floor, counters, and washing machines}

Well, I decided that I wanted to take these things out of their original framing and unify them into white frames. With the new darker walls, I wanted white frames to pop off the walls. I'm still keeping the 'N's, and one other larger art piece in its original state. Here's what I was working with, getting everything converted into white frames:

Brought everything downstairs....

Started pairing up old with new frames

Cursed Ikea for being Swedish, and not using inches like *we* do, and that not all things fit in their frames...darn centimeters. Sidenote: does anyone remember hearing in elementary school that one day the US would adopt the metric system, or was that just my school? Funny. 

Decided that I wasn't going to be completely happy with completely white frames/mattes, so I needed to snazz it up a bit....

Taped off a few mattes, and added a little coppery bling

Turned out fine...not astounding, but fine.

Then decided to pilfer my fabric sample bin for some additional matting on some of the frames that didn't quite fit my little object.

Here are the finished products. I've laid them out on the floor, with the intention of using this photo to get them up on the wall. One of my super powers is being able to look at this photo, and get them fairly accurately, up on the wall. Ha! We shall see. I think the unified white frames will be good, but there is still alot going on here,'s the finished wall:

Just a few more additions, so stay tuned...

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