Friday, November 18, 2011

More Uppercase Lovin' & Thanksgiving Breakin'

Good Morning! This is just a quick little...*look what I did* moment:

First, I have loved this saying for a while, and have seen it lots of places, done lots of ways...soo I decided to grab one from my trusty friend, Uppercase Living, and toss it up in the mudroom, over my little hooks for backpacks. 

 Secondly, this is my first "edited" photo via picasa. Interesting....just so-so, for me.

Third, I'm taking a little "grateful" holiday for Thanksgiving, and spending time with family. I'll be back after the holiday with some more ideas and gettin' ready for Christmas!! Have a great holiday with your family, too!
That's all.

xo Haven

1 comment:

Andy or Bethesda said...

I love this post, and I am excited for your "break". Much deserved! Hugs!