Friday, December 9, 2011

Favorite Things #6: Clover Lane Recipe Book Idea

There is a beautiful new blog that I have recently discovered. Clover Lane has posts on every topic for women and mothers that you can imagine. She is a mother to 5 children 17 on down to 4, she cooks real food for her children, and loves them well. These kind of women are my heroes. I long and strive to do my job of mothering with excellence, and its heartwarming when I find another compatriot.

She has done something I think is an amazing feat of strength, but would be such a fun legacy to pass onto daughters and daughters in law. Your very own cookbook. She used a program called Blurb, and it looks absolutely beautiful. She organized her own recipes, filled in some of the "holes" with tried and true recipes, then created this book with pictures and the recipes. What a great gift! Her blog is beautiful, and so is this idea.

Probably too late for this year, but this is definitely something I'd love to accomplish with my mom, a great cook! What a fun project for a teen daughter to create with her mom. The ideas are endless....hmmm..ideas swirling in my head. Thanks, Sarah!

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