Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mom's PB knock off!!

I love "beating the system", "sticking it to the man" get the idea. Well, over Thanksgiving break, Mom and I were walking through our local Pottery Barn, and she said, "LOOK AT THAT!"

She loved the texture-y basket layered on the leather ottoman, as did I. They (my parents) actually have a similar leather ottoman, so she got to work on a knock off of this look, as soon as she got back to Alabama! She's a "tad" worried about the grandkids playing with some of this great decor, but since its in a handy dandy basket, she can just lift if off, for a while then put it back. Here's Mom's version:

She was able to find Christmas "bling" that she already owned, and then supplemented with those great PB knock off baskets from the Smith and Hawken section at Target! Yeah!! The PB basket was $119! Eeek! I think she said that the Target versions were on sale for $7 each. Wa-hoo! The rest is live greenery, including poinsettas, cut greens from the yard, etc. I think she also said she went to Hobby Lobby to pick up the apothecary jar!

Yeah Mom!! What are you knocking off this Christmas season? No need to spend a lot...go to local high end stores, then figure out how to knock off their looks for less!

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