Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Have to tell you about my boy, a sad story, then a funny story.
This is the sweetest boy that's ever existed.
Sad story: His left thumb was smashed in a door by an unnamed 5 year old that lives at this house, last night, while rough-housing.
He's a lefty. Hmmm...after he finished screaming/crying, got over the pain, and was breathing deeply, as directed by me, he had me email his teacher and basketball coach to inform them of his injury, and get him out of all work for today.
Funny story: I used to have a dialysis patient named Olive. Yes, I used to be a dialysis RN. Every time I went to put her needles in for her treatments, she would say, "Sonofa, Sonofa, Sonofa...." never saying "b-i-t-c-h". It would always make me laugh.
Jackson reminded me of Olive last night, as he was crying, carrying on, and generally milking this thumb smashing experience for all it was worth.
I love my boy.

As you were.

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