Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quick and Easy Christmas Centerpiece

Need something
1. Quick
2. Free
3. Easy
for a party, this Christmas season?

Check out this centerpiece that I made in two seconds. First I found a Christmassy casserole dish to be the container. Then, I pulled out a box of rice-roni, and 2 jello boxes and wrapped them in my fave wrapping paper...taped them together, then wrapped all with a gold bow. I had some leftover ball ornaments. Propped up the boxes on a little tiny bowl, and filled the dish with the balls. Done. Didn't spend a dime...not even on the boxes!

Go forth and DIY for free!!


Prasad Kumar said...

That was indeed an easy, yet beautiful and elegant christmas centerpiece and I love it. Allow me to share this to Christmas table decorations Pinterest board. Cheers!

marilyn scott said...

This is stunning!! It looks like you bought it at a high end home decor store, yet it was just free and easy to make! I may have to steal this idea!;) thanks for sharing!

Marilyn @ Christmas table decorations