Monday, December 5, 2011

Toilet Paper Art....Serious


If you've been around the blogosphere for any length of time, you've seen some "art" done using toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls. They really are cool, mainly because its so deceiving. So, here's my attempt, incidently for my "toilet room" in the Master Bath. ha!

So, whatcha need to do is get a ton (5-6 toilet paper rolls and 2 paper towel rolls...used in this project) of rolls. Smash them semi-flat. Then, just cut into pieces, like above.

I decided to use some silver metallic paint that I had leftover from my metallic (zinc) letters. Peyton helped me dip just one side. Let dry.

Then, I just hot glued them into various shaped flowers, then just glued all the flowers to each other, with several other pieces as filler.

This is the shape it morphed into. I decided to put it going this direction, over the toilet, just for something "artsy".

Up close. Its just hung on the wall with two nails. One to hang on, then a second, down lower, to stabilize.

As empty paper rolls go, I think its pretty.....this is as DIY as I get.

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JulieG said...

TP decor for a bathroom...perfecto!