Thursday, March 24, 2011

Be Different....Act Normal

Ahhh! (sigh) this is one of my favorite sayings. It so fits me. This is also the name of another blog that I enjoy. Check it out here

Isn't this what we all want to be?

Sit up straight. Comb your hair. Brush your teeth. Tuck your shirt in. Do your homework. Eat your vegetables. Normal.

Artsy. Creative. Ideas. Passion. Love. Excited. Risky. Different.

I have pondered this for quite a while, as I find my creativity doing this blog. I hope that you find the funny and lightheardedness in life through my writings, but I hope you can feel the love and passion I have for my home, and the people inside it. I am so blessed. I have the ability and the luxury to "be different", yet appear at least, semi-normal.

This also applies to the spiritual, I think. From the outside, am I acting normal? I hope so. Inside, my heart and mind are being renewed and transformed by Christ, so that I can be different. Different from those around me, and thus allowing me to react to life's situations with a different kind of heart--the heart of Christ. I pray that this will be applicable to me, spiritually, as well. Be different. Act Normal. Love it!

Have a great day with your eyes fulling seeing how you've been created "different"! Unique! Perfect!

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