Friday, March 25, 2011

Take the Good, Take the Bad, Its the Facts of Life....Stenciling revisited.

Do we all have the Facts of Life theme song tune in our brains now, and picturing Mrs. Garrett? Hmm....well, this is how I feel about my little "mis-adventure" into the world of stenciling. For those of you who haven't tried it, let me warn you, its not for the faint of heart. I will start with the GOOD news/pictures first. Having finally completed this project today, it was a doozy!

Can you see it in the mirror? Isn't it cool? Better be, for all the work it was. Darn thing.
Ok, now the deets on how hard it was. Are you done with the whining yet? Whaa!

Here's the first crack at it:

Here's me. Notice the gold wall. Next.

Going ok. Sorry for the bad pick. I choose to do these things at 930pm. You know, the perfect time of day to start something you've never done. Also, since this was a "solo" project, meaning just me, I didn't need to read the directions. That's what my husband is for, and since he wasn't "on" this project, no directions needed! Ha! I'll show him!

Yes, that is bleck paint on the wall. No worries, friends. I'm a professional. Semi-professional. Well, amateur actually, but its nothing a little touch up paint can't fix. Carry on. Next.

Oh hell. This looks terrible. Its 1130p. I'm mad. My husband is quietly working at the center island saying nothing. I secretly decide to repaint in the morning.

Blue. That's what I meant. Next.

Ok, now comes the part of the story I don't like. Me groveling to my husband (did I tell you he is an engineer? oh yeah. kind of detail oriented). I begged him to help me get a straight line. He says, "How can something like this not come with directions?" Hmm...Oh yes, the directions. See. I knew that would come up.

He measured me a nice, straight, level, annoyingly perfect line. Theeeeennnnn, I could restart. Next.

Much better. Still took 2 days, but much better.

Loooooovvvveee it!

Isn't it funky? So, I don't think I'll be doing this in my dining room. I did have the thought that it would be cool to do this on separate canvas', in different colors, and use those on the wall in the dining. After this glowing report, just feel free to message me if you want to borrow my stencil!


mary.hawkinson said...

This.Looks.Awesome. Good job, Lauren, on all counts: painting, swallowing a helping of humble pie and requesting assistance with the level, and finally finishing strong! When you posted part 1 of this, I immediately thought I'd like to try this on the 16x16 canvases I've had for (ahem) 7 months. If you want to lend me those stencils, I'd be glad to guinea-pig the canvas for ya! xoxo

Rosie said...

You girl, crack me up! I won't be trying this...I'm leaving it to the gifted overachievers like you!! :)

Stacey said...

This looks so pretty! This is the exact design I want to use on some accent walls in my house...where did you find it? I could borrow your if you live close to Northeast PA :o)
Looks fab and gald I found you!
Stacey of Embracing Change
p.s. - love that you start work late..this is so me. My husband just lets me be as well. your story was so funny and I could totally relate!

Orange it Lovely said...

LOVE that its funky.. So cool. Love the color too! TG for Hubby's!

oh im your newest follower :)
Stop over some time..

liz @ bon temps beignet said...

You seriously had me crackin up. "a nice, straight, level, annoyingly perfect line"... too funny!

-new follower!