Saturday, March 26, 2011


One of my life mottos is that I don't like to cook, but I love to eat. Enter Relish!

I know, I know...this picture doesn't exactly look like dinner. This is just what I'm thinking about right now.

Actually, my dinner is in the oven right now! Braised chicken in a wine/cream sauce with artichokes, over angel hair pasta and green beans. Hungry yet?


So, in full disclosure, Relish is a pay meal planning site. This means that you pay $7/month for this service. The flip side to this is that I have personally used this site for the past 4 years...every week...religiously! I absolutely love it! On Sunday afternoon, or there 'bouts, I sit down at my computer, click thru Relish's meal options for that week (there are about 20, some all veggie, mix of different meat options, etc) and choose about 4-5 meals for that week. There is a way to select only my favorites, so if there's nothing "new" that they have for that week, I can go back to some oldies. I end up making about 2 new recipes a week, and then do about 2-3 faves. I tweak the recipes so that it fits my kids, husband, etc. Their recipes are easy enough for me to cook them, yet still watch the kids, listen to AWANA verses, turn the laundry over, yell at the dogs, etc. You know, the usual stuff that's happening here on a given week night. However, its more than 3 ingredients, and you actually want to eat the stuff you're making!

Bon Appetit!

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