Saturday, April 16, 2011

Haven's Housecalls: Trisha's Dining Room

Ok! I'm starting a new series (hopefully once a week) called Haven's Housecalls. I've gathered a few friends who will let me "experiment" with either design or redesign on their houses. I will be doing live redesign or virtual, like this one. Look for a housecall near you!!

My friend, Trisha, just moved to TX. Wah, wah, wah. Not good (for me), but good for her and her 3 sweet boys to be with their daddy while he's working, instead of commuting. So....short story long, she asked me to help her out with a couple design dilemmas at their new rental. Her first question was regarding a dining room table centerpiece. Here's a pic of her room:

So, in true Texas stylings, or I should say Southern stylings, everything is well coiffed. Draperies are properly swagged, walls are properly bold in color, and light fixture is big. Her table looks great with its dark wood, but everything was feeling just a tad dark. Here are some suggestions, like the one below, via a Houzz Ideabook.

This is substantial, yet lightens things up a bit. It is also "year round", so non-seasonal, which a mom of 3 young boys could probably use a lower maintenance solution, for the time being.

Here are some ideas using some of my own centerpieces from around the house

I'm a huge fan of using fresh, green, yet sustainable (ie not cut flowers). These cloth napkins are from Cost Plus, which is a great place to buy inexpensive, yet stylish linens for tablescapes. My kids get a table cloth all messed up when they're sitting down to eat, but they never even touch these. It adds softness, without all the fuss. I re-use my accessories over and over again (see this brown, wood charger down in the last picture, and these pictures were taken about 4 years apart!)

This is just a regular begonia, that got "springed" up.

This is definitely seasonal, but I will have that cloth on the table year round, as well as the brown charger. Again, used a fresh, yet potted flower for color and texture. This would be a great solution for Trish, as it lightens things up.

Hope this helps, Trisha, and eveyone else!

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