Thursday, May 19, 2011

I made this: a "lumbar"/bolster-type pillow

Enough qualifiers for that post title? Wow. New record.

Let's start at the end first. Here's the pillow....the blue one in the middle.

Whenever you think you might want to make something, but you're not sure....think of me. I'm doing something I don't know how to do over at my house, so you should, too!!

I don't sew. Nay. I didn't sew. However, my good friend Rebecca gave me a free sewing machine about 5 years ago, so I really should sew. Here we go....

I had some leftover fabric from making the ottoman, here, so I just cut it up to use it for this pillow in Avery's room. The blue isn't dead on perfect, but close enough. Pink pom poms cover a mulititude of sins.....

Not sure if this is how you do this, but I started by stitching the trim to one side of the fabric. Trim facing into the "good" side.

Then, I made a fabric/trim/fabric sandwich. This is where I ran into problemos. My needle broke. Dang. Had to cry to my friend, Kelly, who is a seamstress extraordinaire, to resuce me. She was on a bloody date with her husband. How could she leave me in my time of need. Time to call in the big guns. My husband. The engineer. He fixed the needle. Now, I can proceed....

Time for stuffing. No magic here, just shove it all in there....into all the nooks and crannies. 

Stitch up that little hole you left for your stuffing hand. Done!

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