Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Fourth and a Fire Pit

I'm a "has" or Haas (if you're an avocado)....I digress. That's Southern for a "horse"...its what my dad used to call a woman who worked a lot. That's me. I'm not bragging. Its just a fact.

My dear husband and I worked like dogs out in the yard this weekend, in prep for the fourth, and we uncovered some great boulders in our back yard. And, due to my stellar weed pulling, we created a spot to put said boulders, to make a cute little fire pit.....see....

Its not huge, but it was free. I've seen those metal ones around at stores, but I thought. "Self, I could just dig a big ol'hole, and put these around, and we'd have a free pit", so....yeah for free!

We had a great fourth! Here's sweet baby girl, waiting for the fire to be big enough for s'mores.

Daddy building the fire. So cute.

Peyton and her betrothed friend, Jeremiah. So cute.

More checking on the fire. Cute legs, babe.

Jack asking if his m'mellow is "droopy" enough. Could my children be any whiter?

My tikis

Sparklers. The beginning of any good fireworks display.

And, now because we live in Seattle, its like 3 hours past their bedtime, everyone's under the blankets, freezing their  buns off, asking if they can go inside and go to bed, but the Daddies have said we're only half thru the "selection" of fireworks they bought at 2pm this afternoon. Doh!

Happy Fourth of July!!

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