Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Update on a Post: Exterior Paint Selection

My friend, Heather, asked me here, how to choose an exterior color.
Well, here's an update....she actually took my advice...wonder of wonders.

Here's her before:

Here's her after:

Here's her "story" behind the painting:

About two years ago Mark saw that the outside paint needed to be touched up, so he got right to work.  What he didn't expect though was that the house would end up having polka dots on it when he was finished.  He used the same paint that the builder used, but he didn't account for fading of the color after 6 years and that he used a brush to touch up while the original paint was done with a spray.  So, two years later I finally talked him into painting the house a different color, seeing as I never liked the original to begin with.  

Polka dotty picture:

Now, when picking a color for the outside of a house there are a few things to consider.  First, is there a HOA involved?  For my neighborhood there is, but we lucked out since the one who says yes or no is our neighbor and good friend.  Second, what are the color of the homes around our house?  That's what made it hard for me, because they are all in the brown tones and I didn't want another brown house.  So Lauren suggested that I drive around some of the newer neighborhoods to see if I liked the colors of any of the houses.  And if I did to call the builder and ask them the color.  After driving around a few neighborhoods I found that my favorite was between a smokey and charcoal gray color.  But it didn't look good with the other houses around my house.  Anyway, to make a long story short, I settled on a color that had both brown and gray.  The color I picked out is called Seine and the trim is called Natural Canvas.

Back to, the last thing I told Heather that I would suggest is to paint her front door black. Black front doors are super-duper "in" right now....take a look at a few pics here at Houzz. So sharp looking with either brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze kick plate...hmm hmm hmm...delish!


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