Monday, July 25, 2011

Restaurant Ticking Time Bombs

Its summer.
Its hot out.
Mommy's grouchy.
Mommy calls Daddy.
"Daddy, can we go out for dinner?"
"Sure, my love, let's go."

And, scene. Ok, what to do with kids at a restaurant to keep them happy for the last 30 insufferable minutes before the food comes....

Just saw this amazing, cute little post around the blog world, at Be Different, Act Normal (my fave blog name, to date)

Shut Up! Its such a good idea, I can't stand it. I'm easy these days, I guess.

Go see all 5 ideas that she suggests, here! Enjoy!
Eat out, and be merry!!

1 comment:

Orange it Lovely said...

I still do that with my daughter!!!
we also write double numbers and play the memory game on the sugar packets lol
Love it!