Friday, August 26, 2011

Update on a Post: Housecall to Kim's Living Room

You may remember this post I did a few months ago. It was a Housecall to my friend Kim's living room. To remind you, here's a pic of her room, then:

She recently sent me some updated phots, of some of the changes they'd made:

Yowzee! Better, right? Don't those cream club chairs tone things down a bit, and the curtains really add some softness!
Here's what Kim had to say:

I wanted to give you a quick update on the living room status….progress is happening!  Trying to work within the budget and while things are going slower than I expected I found some good finds the past couple weeks I am excited to share with you!  I found two great club chairs in a beautiful white/some khaki color weaved in thru a gal that was selling furniture used for staging.  They replaced the two wicker and big pink floral chair. HUGE difference just there.   I was going to spray paint the wicker chairs but these are a  bit bigger than I excepted and work well just the two of them.  Then finally I found the curtains I wanted at the price I could afford (great sale!). They are similar to the ones you pointed us to. I think you will like them.  Hard to tell in the picture as it doesn’t really do it justice but they have the circle shapes on them and really finish/soften the living room windows.  I also found a few table runners that compliment the chairs and curtains for over the top of the piano and side table. 

For our anniversary we ordered one of these Family Rule signs I saw on pintrest (totally addicted!).   They let you customize it to your family so we changed out a few things.

It is 4x2 and will fit perfectly on the wall the couch faces with the side table on it. I think it will go really nicely with the chairs and curtains!

Next up from all the great ideas you gave me:  change out the 3 lamps, figure out the décor on the piano (decided to decorate with vintage cameras thru the room), redo the picture wall and eventually get a black couch.  May need to do a black slip cover for now…the sage green isn’t horrible and it will work for the time being. We are adding another room right now so funds have  been going in that direction.  I think the other things will help a lot though!  Just the chairs and window treatment change the look so much… I would love to have you over again once school starts if you would be up for that to get your thoughts on the little décor stuff we talked about and see what I get finished on my to do list. Then we can update your  housecall with new pics! :) 

Thanks SO much again for the direction and inspiration!  We have clearly had no direction for that room. It was fun to finally hang curtains after all these years. Oh the things that get me excited! :) The downstairs is all starting to flow together better now. It’s fun to see how it’s coming along little by little. The lamps and picture wall will make a big difference to hopefully tie everything together while we wait on the couch.

Thanks for the great update, Kim!! Looks great!

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