Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer is good and the living is easy....

It's Monday morning, and this is what the damage of the weekend has done....brace yourself. Its not pretty.

Dishes piled high in the sink. Bread, open, left out to dry? Really, people?

Fall in full swing (mentally), so mommy's desk looks like school/MOPS/bill/hairbows(?) threw up. Ugh!

Dogs wandering, wondering who loves!

Children leave food partially eaten. "Oh, no thank you, mother, I'm quite full. Thank you for the delightful meal"....that's what I read here. Don't you?

Children eating in the best chair in the house. That's how she rolls.

Well, this party's about to come to a screeching halt. Live it up, kids!! Is that the school bus I hear??

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Rosie said...

Love your post...very funny! Now, picture the other end once school starts..."Hi mom I'm home"! (back pack and shoes dropped in their tracks) "What's for snack"? (same snack mess you have in the summer only they are REALLY hungry) "The school wants you to return these PTSA papers" (yikes, do I have to fill all of these out tonight?) "Where are my shin guards"? (soccer clothes being tossed everywhere)"Do I have to do my homework NOW"??(More papers on the counter to patiently tackle with your child).
Life is messy and wonderful and you and all the young moms I know are doing a fabulous job!! Hope everyone's kids, and the moms who help them navigate their days,get off to a great new school year! Love to all!!