Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Photo Challenge 2011

I think I've mentioned my super fun, summer class called "The Artist's Way", that I've been taking, right? Yes, I have. So, for an activity a few weeks ago, we were all challenged to walk the property we were being hosted on, for 15 minutes, and take pictures. We all took about 20-25 pictures. The teacher was able to use the SD cards out of our cameras to show the class. How fun to compare the same landscape of pictures, to see what each person focused on. Here are a few of mine. Hope you enjoy.

These were taken at a small lake north of Seattle, called Martha Lake. The main house was recently built, but the smaller wood/stone cabin is original to the property (old, not sure the age), and is now the family's place of prayer. So serene and beautiful. It helped that we were there around 8p (dusk), so the pictures turned out well due to the light. These are totally unedited, so with a little help of editing they could be something special.

I would encourage you to do this with your family. You can use anything from a camera phone to a professional camera. It was so fun to just take a few minutes, and see what each person captured.

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