Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Decorating....

Good Morning!!

Just thought I'd share what I've got cookin' around here for fall decor. I haven't really bought anything new, but since we're in the new house, decorating seems new, but just with my old we go!

This is a cute little jar that I got a few years ago, as a hostess gift for an Uppercase Living party, and I still love it. These are my husband's fave "Halloween" candy, and I don't like them, so...perfect!

Haven't you heard me drone on about "scale"? Well, this is a "what not to do" scale-wise...too small. But, this is what I have, so here it is. I have been sort of looking around for a cheap/cute idea to replace this little pumpkin. Maybe a feather wreath? or something....this'll do for now.

This arrangement is up here year-round because I love it, but in the fall I just turn it to face forward, so that little "Fall" sign shows. Ha! Why does that make me feel so smart, but I got a C- in Geometry? Don't judge.

Don't forget about the outside! I'm about to head out to my favorite farmer's market to get some real pumpkins and gourds, but until then, these little wicker ones will do. (BTW, my great fall b'day pot is still kickin'! Yeah!)

Gotta give the goose a little love. That candle is a flameless from Costco (Set of 4 for $19.99), and I have it set on timer, from 5p-9p....give off such a great glow on the front porch.

This is another flameless, set to the same time. Makes the living room feel so cozy, in the evening. This is another good example of layering layering layering! Learn it. Live it. Love it!

This pic and the next one, make me smile. These are canvas' that my dad "helped" my kids paint...meaning that he did it all, but put their little initial on them (see the P in this?). He did this with them in 2007, which means that they were 6 and 4. This is pretty good art for a 6 and 4yr old, dontcha think?

Go hug your dad, and decorate for fall!!


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