Monday, September 26, 2011

Mudroom Closet Makeover

Oh my gosh. This coat closet is a mess. Just a fact. And, given my (newish) love for organizing blogs, I just couldn't let it go anymore. The clutter makes me crazy.

See Daddy's tennies mixed with Avery's boots. Really? That's just not right. And, yes those are more Command hooks. Like I said, I prefer to think positive!

There are about 5 coats in there that no one wears. That orange "pool" bag has turned into where I "keep" my fabric samples. Bleck. Terrible. I can't even watch....

This vacuum and the dog stuff on top of the crates are examples of stuff that I think should be/could be fit into this closet. Let's give it a try, shall we?

Eeek! It's gonna get worse before it gets better, people!

Getting a little better. Oh yeah, and I did this at 930p. You know, the best time to take on a big project with lots of noise making, while the little people around the house are sleeping. How I roll.

Ahhhh! Angels singing. Look at all that room to spare. Got the vacuum fit in, decided to take 99% of my shoes up to my closet (I know, novel idea...put them away?) Daddy only has like 3 pairs of shoes, so here's 2 of them. Every kid (and dogs) has their own shelf/basket.

My family is like, "Where's the treats, mom?" Me: "Put away!" Them: "Where?" Figure it out, people!

All kids have their own space, and Jackson likes to have his Bible nearby...ha!

This shoe rack has been in my "garage sale" pile for about 6 months, but I rescued it, and put it to good use.

Even room to spare up top. Put all the camera accessories in the camera backpack, and the basket holds the portable DVD player, as well as our antiquated Camcorder. (yes, we need a flip camera!) Then, you can see my fabric samples got organized, and their own bin.

Whew! What needs an overhaul at your house, at 930p? I highly recommend it!

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Amyshka said...

I love getting things organised! Good job. (although your 'before' pictures have got nothing on my current spewing-over wardrobe... ;) )

Shan said...

Great organizing!! Doesn't it feel good afterward? I love the baskets and chalk board tags. I organize with those quite a bit myself. :) I appreciate you stopping by my blog from Roomspiration and leaving me some nice feedback. Glad you joined the party as well. Kudos my friend!

Latoya @ The Scott's Crib said...

So pretty and well kept! Great Job!

Elizabeth said...

I can think of a lot of spaces that need organized in my to find the time. I know you are happy to get your closet organized, it look fantastic! It always feels so great right after you finish a big project like that.

Thanks for linking up to Roomspiration this week!

DisneyMommyof6 said...

Where did you get those Chalkboard tags? I recently redid my mudroom and was going to make some tags. Would love to buy some, and save some time! Thanks!

haven said...

Hey Disneymom! Thanks for asking about the tags. I've had them for some time (maybe 4-5 yrs) from Pottery Barn, so probably no help there, as I don't think they have them anymore. However, last week, I was at World Market, and they had super similar ones, for a lot cheaper (2 pack for like $4.99). They came in natural (like mine) and red...super cute. Good luck! Lauren

Modern Cleaning said...

appreciated for the goodwill made