Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Perfection for "Boo-ing" neighbors!!

How cute is this? You could whip out twenty of these in a heartbeat to drop off at all your neighbor's houses to wish them a Happy Halloween! I'm in love with fall, and this goes right along with it! I found this great idea on Pinterest, and so I thought I'd try my hand at exactly that...

Got a few "boo" peeps, hershey's, and graham crackers...


I made 18, with these cute tags that were little invitations to my neighbors (who we're still getting to know/don't know) to invite them to a Bunco party at our house in Oct. Peyton, Avery and I walked around and distrubuted these. So funny to hand these to the neighbors...they sort of looked at us like, "What is this poison you're handing me?" So suspicious...lighten up people. Boo!

Enjoy! xo

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