Thursday, September 29, 2011

This Weird Thing I Bought...

Good Morning, beautiful bloggers!

Weird, huh?! Isn't it cool, though?

Its large and in charge and metal. The tag at the antique store, in downtown Bothell, said that it was a "Coal Ash Scoop". The gal at the store said it was around 80 yrs old? It was only $30 bucks, and it made my heart skip a beat. I was totally off task. I was supposed to be going to pick my kids up at the bus, after meeting a friend for an extended lunch, and lo and behold, this grabbed me off my task.

Its so friendly on my kitchen table. Oh! Have I told you about the banquette I'm scheming to have my dad design for the kitchen eat in space?? Eeek! So excited! Remember the super duper cool headboard that he built here? Well, my parents are coming back for another visit over Thanksgiving....bwahahaha....don't tell dad.....

What are you off task doing? Reading this blog, I bet! xo

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