Friday, October 28, 2011

Laundry Room Musings

Ahhhh, good morning. Taste the coffee. What have I been up to...? Ah, yes. My laundry room. Due to the aforementioned (alot mentioned) pinching pennies around here, I've decided that I can tackle a room project, but just not a very big room. So, I've decided to spruce up our laundry room, which is sort of drab. Don't get me wrong, its the biggest laundry room I've ever had, and its UPSTAIRS which has been life-changing for me. Yes, I'm slightly sceered that one day the hose will burst, and all the water on the Eastside will be sogged into my carpet. However, I choose to live in the now, and not worry about such things (too much). I love it upstairs because its so convenient to where the clothes are, and where they need to be after they've been washed. Also, in the past our laundry room has always been a "pass thru" from the garage into the main living spaces, so not only has it been for washing clothes, but its been for backpack storage, shoe storage, etc. It just has always been junked up.

Here is a picture of the before. Yes, really really before. Like, a couple of days ago, when I was mid-laundry....I had to make it look bad, people!

This is like a normal Monday morning, seriously. Come over and you'll see...not pretty....

This counter, that you see, goes along the whole back wall, and is becoming a trap for all-things-junky. Its been collecting all our beach stuff/towels over the summer, and all my fabric samples and scraps over the course of the past 6 months. I really wanted a better laundry sorter, so I got these cute little rolling carts from Ikea ($14/ea!!), and Ikea's Expedit shelf--just the 4 shelfer.

As you can see, I put the fabric in the fun green boxes, and the towels on the shelves. All this will be hidden by this:

Ahh...deep breath of calmness coming over me....

The verdict is still out, in my mind, on Ikat fabric, but it seemed fun and funky for this project. I will send this off to Sue the Seamstress as soon as the fabric arrives, so she can create a long, velcroed skirt that will run the length of this counter. Watch for upcoming posts on this.

I also just ordered this rug (runner), in the mustard, for the floor, so this should be fun:

This weekend, we are painting this room (Benj Moore Northhampton Putty--the greenish color in this fabric), so hopefully you can watch for that soon too. I have some other things, in this laundry room, up my sleeve, so stay tuned!

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JulieG said...

I'm starting not to like you because your laundry room is more decorated than my living room! :) Just kidding...kind of!