Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hallway Painting Project

Again with my dad. Yeah, he's great. Here for Thanksgiving, he needed a little project to do, so....since I had wanted to duplicate this, he gave it a whirl:

Here's a before of our upstairs hallway:

These pics are kind of bad because it was Thanksgiving weekend and I just used my phone instead of walking my rear downstairs to grab my good camera. Don't judge. The reason I didn't love this wall is that when I put the uppercase living words up a few months ago, I got them crooked, which in turn made the pictures constantly look like they were crooked. It literally bugged me everytime I walked up the stairs. The pics also weren't too great in their arrangement, so it needed some lovin'.

He just cut a craft paper template, did one side, then flipped it down to do the other side. Sounds pretty easy, but he's pretty good, and I was making cranberry salad, so I can't vouch for the complexity of this part....

Then, there was some debate over whether he and I could free hand paint it, using just the pencil lines, but alas, we decided to go the "safe" route, and tape it. He taped about 90% of it, and painted 100% of it. Again, I think I was warming rolls or something....

Here's the finished product, once we put the pics back up. I really love the effect it has, as you come up the stairs....

Love it. Oh, also its Benj Moore Alexandria Beige, the same color as the living room, which is the color as you come up the stairs, so it kind of ties together nicely.

Thanks a million, Dad!!

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