Friday, January 13, 2012

Media Room "Construction"

I find the term "Media Room", somewhat pretentious, but alas, this is where we are. This room in our home is technically a bedroom, but it has glass french doors, which kind of keep it from being a usable guest room or bedroom for one of the kids. And, yes, we could have replaced the doors, but...just didn't want to. So, we converted this, over the Christmas break, into a fun place for us to hang out as a fam.

The walls are a builder-basic "khaki", which was mostly fine, but I wanted to highlight the wall the TV would be on. And, we had a couch, treadmill, and entertainment armoire in here that all got either moved to another room or sold. Ahhh....Craigs List, how I love thee, let me count the ways. We were able to get $100 for the couch, and $900 for the T-mill, so that's $1000 smackers to put towards the new that!

As you can see, everything's gone except the ottoman.

Painting in progress. I still had some BM Northampton Putty in the garage, leftover from the laundry room paint job, so I just used that....

Here's the painted/TV wall complete. See this post for the silhouette art how-to.

Sorry for the darkness of this pic....but its a good view of the room as a whole. We decided to go with a sectional, since we've never had one. Its really cozy for our family of five, yet still allows room for doing video games, etc.

As previously mentioned, Calico Corners went out of business in our little town, here, so I stalked them for a few weeks, as they were closing, to pick up some great deals. This bird fabric was one of the fabrics that I got at a steal. It was originally $60/yd, and I was able to get it for 75% off!!! Yes! This pic doesn't do it justice...its super thick and delicious!

This little table, also a steal at 50% off from Cost Plus, during a furniture sale, is meant for laptops, but since we just have the ottoman (no hard surfaces for drinks/food, etc.), we needed somewhere to set our drinks without spilling. This is so nice because the legs fit under the couch to save space.

Behind the couch, we re-hung these subway art signs (see post about these here), and I still love them with all my heart.

What else happened at your house over the break??

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